23 Mar, 2017
Speakers recommended a road map for the efficient extraction of Lebanon’s hydrocarbon resources   This 4th year’s Oil and Gas Forum organized by Front Page Communication comprised a panoply of suggestions for drawing a roadmap that might put the oil and gas sector on the right track, especially after the government’s recent adoption of two pertinent decrees.   Held on March 7th under the auspices of the President of the Council of Ministers [...]
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21 Mar, 2017
Leading oil and gas industry executives and experts from across the East Mediterranean will gather in Beirut this May, to gain invaluable insight to the newly presented opportunities in Lebanon’s energy sector, the challenges and the road ahead for companies and investors in the field.   Organizers of the Lebanon International Oil & Gas (LIOG) Summit (www.LIOG-Summit.com) have confirmed that the event will return 9 to 10 May 2017 for its third [...]
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